Secret Family Recipe

What’s in Shop Sauce? Our North Carolina barbecue sauce gets its tangy and spicy flavor from a lengthy list of ingredients. We’ve been perfecting our family recipe for the past 25 years, tweaking it little by little, at each family barbecue and at each gathering with our friends.

Shop Sauce, BBQ ingredientsThe ingredients in our barbecue sauce include ketchup, apple cider vinegar, honey, beer, butter, sugar, onion, bourbon, Tabasco sauce, salt, Cayenne pepper, paprika, chives, and a special combination of ┬ámany other spices. (If you need more detailed information about ingredients due to allergy concerns, please feel free to contact us at The result of all these flavors is a sauce that’s richer and far more savory than many other standard, thin, vinegar-based North Carolina barbecue. You can actually see the special mix of spices suspended in our full-bodied sauce, so you know it’s going to be good even before you try it! Our “High Octane” Shop Sauce has a spicy kick and a vinegar edge, but it’s not too spicy. We are also planning a “Low Octane” version of our sauce in the future, for milder palates.

We really hope you enjoy the handcrafted flavor we’ve been working on for so many years. Shop Sauce is perfect for a wide variety of grilled dishes, although we especially like our sauce on chicken and pork. We also use Shop Sauce in a wide variety of other dishes, including baked and roasted vegetable sides, and even as a dip for snacks. Once you open up a jar of Shop Sauce, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it disappears. We hope you’ll order some today to fuel your barbecue and other recipes!

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