Fuel Your Recipes with Shop Sauce

Grilling with Shop Sauce
Welcome to the home of Shop Sauce, a new North Carolina barbecue sauce that is based on a 25-year-old family recipe from the folks who founded the Pete Smith Automotive Group here in Louisburg, North Carolina, in 1947. In a nod to the automotive history of the Smith family, the packaging is inspired by vintage motor oil cans.

Shop Sauce, North Carolina Barbecue SauceWhen the Smith Family isn’t working at their chain of automotive service businesses, they are passionate about cooking and grilling out — and then sharing good times and delicious food with family and friends. Shop Sauce is their North Carolina BBQ sauce, perfectly blending together a secret mix of spices to produce a tangy and spicy sauce. Shop Sauce is wonderful as a glaze or marinade for chicken, pork, and beef on the grill. It also is a great tool to have as an ingredient in other dishes.

We hope you will have fun browsing the recipes and ideas on our website, and we hope you will have many memories inspired by our new North Carolina BBQ Sauce. It’s a great new tool for your kitchen!